• Welcome!

    The Workforce Telemanagement System is an innovative solution simplifying staff availability and attendance tracking.
    • handles routine associate call flow 24/7
    • notifies managers and/or clients when critical events happen
    • provides detailed documentation
    The cloud-based solution operates with redundant systems and requires no additional infrastructure.

  • ROI

    • 10X ROI on attendance module
    • Major work process improvement at negligible cost
    • Saves an average of 2 hrs per day of phone calls
    • Increases accuracy of record-keeping

    Increases productivity and decreases costs on unemployment claims
  • How it Works

    Check out this short video about the features of the Workforce Call-In system!

  • Availability

    • Instant online access 24/7 to complete list of associates available for work.
    • Automatic record-keeping with historical archives.
    • No wasted administrative time taking calls.
    • Easy maintenance & integration with existing systems.
  • Attendance

    • Instant notification by email and/or text of employee running late or absent.
    • Timely replacements by notice to staffing agencies & employers.
    • Accurate and detailed historical reports of absenteeism.
    • Easy maintenance & integration with existing systems.
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    Call us today at 817-900-9172, and you can be fully operational in a matter of days! Workforce will train your office personnel and provide complimentary training cards for your associates.